Gravimetric Hydraulic Betch

Provides a controlled recirculating water supply and accurate gravimetric measuring system for hydraulic and fluid mechanics experiments

• Self-contained and fully mobile unit
• Made of plastics and corrosionresistant parts
• Has flat bench top for experiments
• Includes accurate, fundamental gravimetric (weighing) flow measurement system
• Has recirculating water supply to save mains water
• Separate sump tank outlet facility

The Gravimetric Hydraulic Bench supplies a controlled flow of water to a wide variety of laboratory experiments. The bench is a sump tank with a submersible pump, gravimetric weighing system and working surface. All parts are made of corrosionresistant material. The sump outlets allow the bench to be used on almost any hydraulic circuit. Once filled, the bench needs no external water supply.

The top of the sump tank provides the working surface, on which many Fluid Mechanics experiments conveniently mount. A rim around the working surface contains any spilled or excess water. Larger experiments usually stand next to the hydraulic bench. A control valve adjusts flow rate.

The gravimetric weighing system is a small inner tank on a pivot arm, counter-balanced by weights. To measure flow rate, the user directs the water flow into the small inner tank. When the pivot arm becomes horizontal, students start timing using a stopwatch. At the same time, they add weights to a hanger at the end of the pivot arm which moves the arm downwards. When the mass of water collected balances the mass of the weights and hanger, the beam returns to the horizontal position and students stop timing. Because the mass of water collected is several times greater than the mass on the hanger, students find an accurate mass flow rate.

The power supply in the Gravimetric Hydraulic Bench includes overload and under-voltage protection.