March 9, 2021


E. Tzirtzilakis was one of the six members of the University of Peloponnese who were distinguished internationally for the impact of their published scientific work until the end of 2019. At the School of Engineering, Professor E. Stathatos from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering was also distinguished.

All the distinguished members of the University of the Peloponnese are in the following table:

Scientistsm-subfield-1sm-subfield-2sm-fieldrank sm-subfield-1rank sm-subfield-1 (ns)sm-subfield-1 count
Stathatos, E.Applied PhysicsChemical PhysicsPhysics & Astronomy35283916224856
Peppas, Kostas P.Networking & TelecommunicationsOptoelectronics & PhotonicsInformation & Communication Technologies14271447161179
Boucouvalas, AnthonyNetworking & TelecommunicationsOptoelectronics & PhotonicsInformation & Communication Technologies15421720161179
Sagias, Nikos C.Networking & TelecommunicationsOptoelectronics & PhotonicsInformation & Communication Technologies19241782161179
Tzirtzilakis, Efstratios EmmanouilMechanical Engineering & TransportsApplied MathematicsMathematics & Statistics1986178992645
Tsoulos, George V.Networking & TelecommunicationsElectrical & Electronic EngineeringInformation & Communication Technologies29222856161179


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