boundarylayerModular Air Flow Bench_AF10toAF18Modular Air Flow Bench_AF10toAF18

Use in Fluid Dynamics II lab.

A fan delivers atmospheric air through a flow-control valve to a plenum chamber. Some of the optional experiment modules fit to the opening in the plenum chamber.

Alternatively, supplied as standard (and fitted), there is an aerodynamically shaped contraction that provides a smaller opening for other experiments. Strong but easy-to-use toggle fasteners hold the experiment modules to the plenum or the contraction, so that users need no extra tools to fit most experiments.

Discharge from the experiments is normally downwards.

The air passes down through an outlet in the benchtop and exhausts at the back of the bench. For experiments with smoke, users can fit flexible ducting to the exhaust to direct waste smoke safely away.

A transparent duct that fits on the contraction. It has removable liners which give a simple convergentdivergent passage. Students can move a Pitot-static tube along the axis of the duct to show constant total pressure and the rise and fall of static pressure.

The significant pressure changes give a convincing demonstration of Bernoulli’s equation. The geometry allows students to compare calculations against measurement.

Experiments include:

• Confirmation of Bernoulli’s equation
• How to use a Pitot-static tube

Modular Air Flow Bench_AF11_bernoulli