The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory was included in the first laboratories of the original Department of Mechanical Engineering before the time of the transformation into a Department of Higher Education. At that time it was a department of postgraduate technical studies (KATEE). Consequently this laboratory counts almost 40 years of presence. During the Technological Education it belonged to the Department of Mechanical Engineering and later it was renamed to the laboratory of Fluid Engineering “N. Nanousis ”until 2019 which belonged to the Department of Mechanical Engineering TEI, TEI of Western Greece.

Since 2019 the laboratory belongs to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of the Peloponnese, Patras, Greece. The formal foundation of the laboratory as Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachinery Laboratory (FMTL) of was done in 2020 with the Greek Government Gazette τΒ ‘4958 / 10.11.2020.

The laboratory is equipped with instrumentation that supports the educational process of the courses Fluid Mechanics I, Fluid Mechanics II, Fluid Dynamics Machines, Metrology of Energy Systems and in general courses and Thesis in the Subjects of Hydraulics, Aerodynamics and generally Computational Fluid Dynamics. The courses Computational Fluid Mechanics and Simulation of Energy Systems are taught by members of the laboratory using the Computing Center of the Department. The central computing infrastructure of the department consisting of HPE ProLiant SL210t Gen8 Blade Server is also used for the research taking place in the laboratory.