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PATRAS, September 2020






March  30,  1972

Patras,  Greece



APR 2019 –         Associate Professor at the University of the Peloponnese, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

  1. Fluid Mechanics Ι & ΙΙ
  2. Hydromachinery / Fluid Machinery
  3. Computational Design of Energy Systems
  4. Computational Methods
  5. Degree Theses

SEP  2006 – APR 2019    Lecturer (untenured) at the Technological Institute of Western Greece, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering T.E.

  1. Fluid Mechanics Ι & ΙΙ
  2. Natural Gas Technology
  3. Hydromachinery / Fluid Machinery
  4. Computational Design of Energy Systems
  5. Chemical Technology (Dept. of Civil Eng.)
  6. Degree Theses

JUN  2002 -        Research fellow at the Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences (ICEHT) – Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas (FORTH)

Research in National and EU funded programs, in addition to direct corporate funding. Process study and simulation of:

  1. Gas flow, diffusion and sorption in the vicinity of porous nanoceramic semiconductors, sensors, and porous membranes [Ο(nm–µm)]
  2. Particle detention in granular filters [Ο(µm–mm)]
  3. Pollutant dispersion in underground formations [Ο(mm–m)]
  4. Computed-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (FEM and Meshless methods) in air transport and refrigeration [Ο(m)], and in hemodynamics [Ο(cm)]

SEP  2003 – 2008, 2010  Lecturer (untenured) at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras

  1. Conceptual and Computational Design of Chemical Processes and Installations
  2. Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers
  3. Computer Simulation of Physicochemical Phenomena



JUN 2008                                   Organizing committee and lecturing at Summer School “Nanostructured materials and membrane modeling and simulation”, part of the post-graduate course series under the more general title “Nanostructured Materials and Membranes Training Course” (NanoMemCourse).

JAN  2000 – NOV  2000          Post-doc research fellow at the Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes – FORTH

JAN  1999                                  Short course on “Numerical Methods Applied to Stability, Bifurcation, and Non-Linear Dynamics” (Prof. A. N. Beris)

NOV  1997                                 Short course on “Introduction to Parallel Programming” (SGSC Hellas S.A. / European Super-Computing)

OCT  1994 – JUN  1996           Courses on:

  1. Process Models and Simulators, Prof. A. C. Payatakes
  2. Separation Processes, Prof. A. C. Payatakes
  3. Applied Thermodynamics, Prof. D. Theodorou
  4. Classical Statistical Mechanics and Molecular Simulations, Prof. D. Theodorou
  5. Transport Phenomena, Prof. J. Tsamopoulos
  6. Finite elements, Prof. J. Tsamopoulos
  7. Applied Mathematics I & II, Prof. G. Dassios
  8. Partial Differential Equations, Prof. G. Dassios

OCT  1994 – JUN  1997           Lectures and laboratory assistance on:

  1. Mathematics I & II, Dr. V. N. Burganos
  2. Introduction to Flow Mechanics, Prof. A. C. Payatakes
  3. Fortran Computer Language, Prof. D. Mataras
  4. Numerical Methods in Engineering, Prof. J. Tsamopoulos

APR  1994 – SEP  1994            Assistant Chemical Engineer in Amstel-Heineken Brewery, Patras, Greece.

Work in the Chemistry lab, quality control and analysis.

JUL  1993 – AUG  1993           Assistant – Apprentice Chemical Engineer in Amstel-Heineken Brewery, Patras, Greece.

Work in the waste water plant, energy conservation and mini­mi­zation studies.

SEP  1992 – JUN  1994            Research student, elaboration of undergraduate study in physicochemical processes and transportation phenomena (Supervisor: Prof. A. C. Payatakes, Dr. G. Constandinides).

Flow modelling in channels and catalytic beds, computer simulation of flow in porous media, use of the Effective Medium Theory in flow in porous media and catalytic beds with simultaneous mass absorption and/or reaction.

Applications: crude oil and water pumping from rock layers, catalysts, etc.

JUL  1992 – AUG  1992           Assistant – Apprentice Chemical Engineer in Motor Oil Hellas Oil Refineries, Corinth, Greece.

Work in the fuel production section, production of benzene, kerosene, jet fuel, gas oil, lubricants.

Participation in the elaboration of study for the extension of the main desulfurisation unit, mainly in the prediction of the results of this extension in the rest of the refinery’s units.

 Citation Index  (March 2016):

Publications in Scientific Refereed Journals: 29

Publications/Announcements at International Conferences & Fora (Refereed): 45

Publications/Announcements at National (Greek) Conferences & Fora (Refereed): 29

Citing Articles (without self-citation): 262 documents

Total Times Cited (without self-citation): 291 references

h-index: 10 by Web of Science & Scopus, 11 by Google Scholar


Journal of Hazardous Materials

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology

The Scientific World Journal

Drying Technology

Journal of Porous Media

Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering

Molecular Simulation (contribution)

Journal of Membrane Science (contribution)

Chemical Engineering Science (contribution)

Physics Review E (contribution)


PROGRAMMING                   Fortran77, 90 & 95 (COMPAQ/Intel Visual Fortran, Unix compilers, SGI_OpenMP parallel compilers)

ANSI C, C++ (MS Visual C++)

Basic (MS Visual Basic)

Win32api & OpenGL, MS Access, MATLAB

PROCESS  SIMULATION     MatSci/Cerius2, Accelrys/ AspenTech/Hysys, AspenTech/Icarus,

& ANALYSIS TOOLS             Ansys/CFX, Ansys/DesignModeler, AutoDesk/Inventor,

WolframResearch/Mathematica, MathSoft/MathCAD,
SigmaScan Pro

BACKGROUND                       SGI/IRIX, HP/Unix, Linux, Local Networks MS WinNT/2000/XP, MS/Office, Adobe/PhotoShop, Microcal/Origin


Hellenic Association of Chemical Engineers (since 1994)

Technical Chamber of Greece (1999)

Hellenic Society of Rheology (2005)

European Membrane Society (2006)

European Membrane House (2008)


OCT  1994 – DEC 1999          Doctoral fellow at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, and the Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes – FORTH

PhD Title: Diffusion and sorption processes during gas sensing by nanoceramic semiconducting sensors.

Supervisors: Prof. A. C. Payatakes, Dr. V. N. Burganos


1989 – 1994                                Course in Chemical Engineering at the School of Engineering, University of Patras.

1983 – 1989                                “Protypo – Piramatiko” High School and Lyceum of Patras.


DEC  2006                                  “Certificate of Proficiency in English”, University of Cambridge.

MAY  1993                                “Mittelstufe II”, KOUTSANTONIS FREMD­SPRACHEN­SCHULE.

JUN  1991                                  “Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Grund­stufe, GOETHE-INSTITUT.

JUN  1987                                  “First Certificate in English”, University of Cambridge.

Knowledge of French.


FEB  1992                                  Progress Scholarship by the School of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, 1990-1991 semesters.

OCT  1988                                 Prize of progress by Protypo Lyceum of Patras, 1987-1988 academic year.

OCT  1987                                 Prize of progress by Protypo Lyceum of Patras, 1986-1987 academic year.